Covimur Envases is a company dedicated to the distribution of glass / PET canning containers for industrial use and their respective lids / stoppers for the food sector. That is why our catalog offers products presented in PALLET format.

The pallets used are made only with quality wood to offer the necessary security in a product as delicate as glass. The measures with which we work mainly correspond to the AMERICAN PALETTE (1.00 m X 1.20 m). Depending on your needs, we also have a high pallet and a medium pallet.

It is very common that the number of lids / stoppers does not coincide with that of the containers because each closure format could be compatible with different models of jars at the same time. That is, each lid can be used with several types of jars and they are not usually manufactured exclusively for a single type, only the size in millimeters of the mouth of the jars is taken into account.

Example: If you need the “HONEY 745ml” jar, it will come palletized at 1,016 units, while their respective lids can be packed in boxes of 750 or 950 units. In any case, it would be necessary to buy 2 boxes to cover a pallet.

To know the budgets of our pallets, you just have to click on “Request a Quote”. You can also send us an email to any of our professionals that you will find in “Contacts” or call the number 968 64 54 54.

In this way, your request will be treated by our team diligently to indicate the budget in a maximum period of 48 hours. This budget will be agreed according to the client’s needs.

Your order will be processed and adjusted according to your needs, with the personalized treatment that we offer. We do not sell packaging only, we want to adapt the merchandise to your specifications so that the order is as efficient as possible for you.

Example: Transportation, packaging requirements, delivery urgency, pallet size (High / Medium), etc.

Our main objective is to offer the right product, to the right customer.

First, check or search for the products you want to buy by visiting our Catalog, on our website we have a search engine where you can enter the name, capacity or material of the product you are looking for.

Within the catalog, an index with the different families of our packaging will be provided to the right of the page to make the search for your desired product easier and more intuitive.

When you find the product that interests you, click on it to consult its information page. There you can find detailed information about the product. (Eg: Measurements, weight, diameter of the mouth, color, technical sheet, etc.)

If you are not sure if the jar is suitable for its final weight once packaged. You can consult our table of densities and verify that the container meets your expectations, you will find it at the end of each descriptive page of our products.

If you cannot find what you are looking for on covimurenvases.com, you may be interested in contacting our team personally to offer you news and updates to our catalog.

The payment methods that Covimur Envases SL works with are: Bank transfer, bank draft and promissory note.

You can negotiate with our team the payment method to choose depending on

of the options that best suit your needs.

If the payment of the order is made by transfer, you will receive an e-mail with our account number to which to make the payment. When you fill in the data for the transfer, indicate the invoice number in the “concept” section to make it easier to locate your order.

You will receive an e-mail with a summary of what you have ordered (Invoice-proforma) and below the page, in the same document, you will find our account number: 20 digits for national transfers, and IBAN and SWIFT for international transfers.

You will receive an e-mail to your registered mail where you will find your electronic invoice with all the information about your order. Keep in mind that some emails can enter the spam inbox, so we recommend that you check the “All” folder of your email in case you cannot find it.

If the problem persists, do not hesitate to contact us at this address info@covimur-alimentaria.es to provide you with a copy of the invoice.

To contact us, click here.

If your order has been damaged during shipping or you receive a product that does not correspond to your order:

The client will have to contact one of our commercial agents or our Customer Service Department via email (info@covimur-alimentaria.es).

There you must indicate the incident that occurred detailing the circumstance about the product received, photos of the product problem and its corresponding pallet label and the delivery note or invoice number.

Our agents will treat your case with the greatest possible diligence to resolve the problem during business hours with due resolution and how it will be necessary to act to resolve it.